Mini Chirp Kestrel

Prices and contract terms:

Management of one business social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Google+):

  • Publish 1 post per day – a mixture of text and images including links
  • 10 hours networking a month via groups, networking hours, messaging and @Bizhour
  • Help generate huge online marketing benefits that generate leads and sales
  • All post prompted across Chirp Directory Ltd’s twitter networks!
  • Update profile information as and when required
  • Post unlimited industry related news articles if required
  • Direct potential customers to your website
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Expert advice to build your brand
  • Create conversation topics
  • Grow your connections
  • Post and share videos
  • Content creation
  • SEO benefits

All Chirp Directory Ltd packages include:

  • Related daily posts on each of your businesses profiles
  • A mixture of text, images, videos, tips, information that helps generate huge online marketing benefits, in essence we direct potential customers to your website and open lines of communication that generate huge exposure, leads and sales
  • An understanding of your business and your marketing goals to deliver the best outcome
  • Your business social updates are supported and promoted daily to our pre-built networks @BizHour sponsorship, 500,000+ Twitter followers, providing your business with huge brand awareness, leading to leads and sales
  • A dedicated Social Media Manager on hand, who will be engaging with your target market on a daily basis, they will give expert advice on how to build your brand and grow your connections with great conversation topics
  • Giving your business a social spotlight, @BizHour sponsorship provides fun interactive facts, promote, deals discounts, special offers and much more with total 24/7 support from across Chirp Directory Ltd’s networks!
  • @BizHour global business networking which has approx 74,000 followers and the hashtags #BizHour which reaches over 20 million twitter timelines a day

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